Our Story

The year is 2011. Teresa, a shy girl from Córdoba in the South of Spain, arrived on Irish soil for the first time. Teresa, a newly qualified Architect Technician with limited English came here on a temporary work transfer, however she fell in love with a pale Irishman from Donegal, who wouldn’t let her leave. They met in an apartment in Smithfield, just around the corner from their now Spanish shop. Fast forward two years, they got married surrounded by a crazy but wonderful mix of Spanish and Irish friends and family.

Three children later and with another on the way, during a pandemic, they decided it would be a perfect time to open a new business!

Teresa, with a love for food and all things Spanish found it difficult not having readily available Spanish produce in Dublin. She wanted to cook all the delicious dishes she grew up with and wanted her ever growing family to experience all that Spain has to offer.

James, (the pale Donegal man), who is in business in Dublin agreed to help her open the Spanish shop on one condition. The condition was that Teresa was not to eat the stock!

As they say, the rest was history. 'A Taste of Spain' was born.

'A Taste of Spain', stocks everything from Olive oil to Serrano ham. We want to cater to the growing Spanish population in Ireland who miss home and the food they love so much.

James on the contrary is your typical Donegal man who only eats potatoes and wouldn’t know what a Chorizo was if it hit him in the face. As they say opposites attract! Thankfully not all Irish are the same and a growing number of Irish have fallen in love with Spanish food. At 'A Taste of Spain', we have all the recipes and ingredients to recreate those delicious holiday dishes.

Thanks you for your support

Teresa & James